With your ELECTRONIC Annual Med Gas Inspection Report you now have access to it wherever you may go. You can pull it up on your phone, tablet, ipad or laptop. You can browse through which every pages you choose on your desktop with just one click of a button.


Not only can you take your report wherever you go, you can use it as a resource guide to any and all of the Med Gas Equipment that was included in your Annual Inspection. With a whole library of Operating and Maintenance Manuals at your finger tips, equipment issues are no problem.


Although the 3-ring binder is our initial work of art and is still available if you prefer, we have decided to evolve with the ages and propose an option for electronic reports. In this day and age most files/records are on a drive or in a cloud, now your Annual Med Gas Inspection is too.


We have decided to add a special option with this launch, that is a Annotation Button. You are able to click anywhere, on any page and add a note. For example your Discrepancy List, you can note work order numbers or when the repair was done or who is repairing it.


In a Medical Facility there are many codes, rules, inspections and guidelines that are required. With the Electronic Annual Med Gas Inspection Report you are able to download to your computer, share a link that someone else may open from any device they receive emails on or print specific or all pages of the report.


There are a few elements that we may discuss to build your Electronic Report just the way you need it. Adding a few extra buttons or links can save the day when in a Med Gas Equipment crunch.